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High Tech in Hyperdrive: What (More) Can Your Car Do for You?

Photo: Courtesy of Tobias A. Müller

A transformation is happening on the road and in our vehicles. Connectivity, autonomy, vehicle sharing and electrification are four trends converging to create an unprecedented global disruption. Some are calling it evolution, while others see it as a reinvention. No matter what you call it, mobility as we know it is changing.

Revolution on the road 

Soon, drivers won’t only be drivers; and what we drive will be much more than a way to get from point A to B. At the place where car and driver meet, we see endless possibilities for connected, sustainable and inspired mobility. Tomorrow’s automobile is poised to become a space in which we live, work and interact with the world around us.

As one of the world’s largest automotive technology leaders, Faurecia is at the forefront of this revolution with what we call the Cockpit of the Future. We’re exploring ways to seamlessly connect driver to machine and the world around them, enabling new behaviors and new ways of being productive, all while refreshing body and mind. We’re also blazing a path to a world where a clean environment is a reality, offering generations to come the freedom of sustainable mobility.

Wherever you go, whatever you do on your way there, our goal is to create ways to make the trip better, inspiring your drive at every turn.

Moving towards mobility 

As automakers move rapidly toward a future of autonomous driving, Faurecia is focusing its efforts in two important ways: enabling new behaviors in the vehicle safely and creating a mobility experience that can predict your needs and adapt to them accordingly. For example, imagine a vehicle that knows your personal preferences and that can adapt to them the moment you enter by adjusting the seats, lighting, music and more.

Once you’re in the vehicle, Faurecia has taken occupant health and wellness a step fur­ther by creating Active Wellness 2.0™, an advanced system that employs sensors in the seat and cameras in the instrument panel to analyze data on the occupant’s biome­trics, such as heart rate, respiration and even your level of alertness. Using this data, the vehicle can sense your state of wellness and suggest a relaxing massage, play your favorite music or cool the seat automatically. The most exciting part is that this isn’t years away; Faurecia is showing its customers this technology today for use in a next generation vehicle.

Reaching across the globe 

The change we’re experiencing today isn’t evolution. Tomorrow’s automobile is going through a revolution at speeds the industry has never experienced before. As a result, we’re drawing expertise and inspiration from around the world to help make these concepts a reality. Faurecia has built a network of experts stretching around the globe — from Paris to Detroit, Silicon Valley to Shanghai. We’re forming new partnerships and relationships with experts from fields as diverse as artificial intelligence, voice recognition, deep learning and cloud computing to anticipate trends and create innovations that meet customer expectations today and tomorrow.

Our newest tech center in Silicon Valley connects the Bay area to the world through this network and allows us to leverage the best minds around the world to fuel our vision.

The future of transportation isn’t years away; the future is now, and we’re proud to be a part of it.

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