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    “Urban Outlaw” Magnus Walker on His Addiction to the Open Road

    We chatted with famed fashion designer and classic car collector Magnus Walker about his passion for Porsches, and he offered advice about driving and maintaining cars. What should every car owner know about their vehicle from a maintenance perspective? The greatest thing about the automotive industry is that everyone speaks the same language. Maintenance is … Continued
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    Empowering Auto Care

    NASCAR Racer Julia Landauer on Elevating Female Drivers

    The racecar driver and engineering whiz speaks on why women should be better represented in the automotive world and in the larger fields of STEM.
    Empowering Auto Care

    What Drives Danica Patrick on the Track and in Business?

    As a NASCAR and IndyCar driver, Danica Patrick challenged the status quo on gender in auto racing. Now a year into retirement, we asked her about what it takes to reach the top level of racing and what she’s learned in her recent success as an entrepreneur.