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Empowering Our Female Truckers

The Technology that Is Enabling Safer Driving for the Long Haul

There is a shortage of truck drivers in the U.S. of at least 60,000, which could triple over the next eight years. An aging workforce, high turnover and increasing freight demand are all contributing factors. On a more humanist level, drivers are also extremely concerned with their safety and the steps organizations are taking to keep drivers safe.

A new generation

Empowering the trucking industry with technology, Vehicle Tracking Solutions® (VTS) can help leverage the opportunity for the industry to attract a new generation of drivers. Part of the strategy is keeping truckers safe.

VTS focuses on transforming fleet operations through dynamic fleet management and telematics software to connect real-time data on vehicles, mobile assets, drivers, and customers with fleet managers. Its Silent Passenger® solution is a suite of features that are essential for making data-driven decisions to improve fleet safety, as well as efficiency, productivity and maintenance across an organization.

Enhancing driver safety

Driver safety monitoring helps reduce risks and improve driver behavior. Through Silent Passenger, there’s easy access to driver reports that allow for identifying unsafe driving practices and zero in on specific habits for individualized training for safer driving. Driver activities and reports using SP Driver ID provide details on compliance, including electronic HOS. Silent Passenger’s mobile-friendly software and app offer a full suite of DOT compliance features, including support for ELD using SP Logbook®, DVIR safety inspections and IFTA fuel tax.

Silent Passenger’s Driver Scorecards provides insight into drivers’ on-road activities and attributes safety scoring based on speeding, seatbelt usage, hard braking, aggressive turning, hard acceleration, HOS and unauthorized vehicle usage. Beyond individual driver monitoring, SP Vehicle Maintenance provides fleet managers with a robust all-in-one platform that detect engine issues early, providing diagnostic alerts and instant notifications when unexpected issues arise that need immediate attention.

Through best-in-class support and scalable software that’s configurable for agility, Silent Passenger helps manage an efficient, productive, safe and profitable fleet.

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