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  • Empowering Our Female Truckers

    Ice Road Truckers’ Lisa Kelly Talks Women in Trucking and the Growing Demand for Drivers

    Trucking isn’t just for men, and Lisa Kelly from History Channel's Ice Road Truckers shares her experience and advice for anyone considering a career in trucking.
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    Empowering Auto Care

    NASCAR Racer Julia Landauer on Elevating Female Drivers

    The racecar driver and engineering whiz speaks on why women should be better represented in the automotive world and in the larger fields of STEM.
    Empowering Our Female Truckers

    Combatting the Trucker Shortage with Education and Technology

    In 2014, the trucking industry suffered a shortage of nearly 40,000 drivers. By 2024, American Trucking Associations predicts the shortage will grow to 174,000 drivers.