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J. Massey on Creating Income Through Real Estate

Photo: Courtesy of Facebook

Investing in property often seems like a great way to have your money make money, but for J. Massey, it was his only way out of a desperate situation. A personal accident and his wife’s pregnancy complications left them both unable to work.

“You need a source of income that you can own or control without you having to work,” J. says. “The world financial climate will not allow any family to survive without it.”

Surviving and thriving

In about six years, J. amassed a portfolio of more than 350 residential and commercial properties, and right now, his short-term rentals are his bread and butter.

“It was the fastest I’ve ever made seven figures,” he says. “I didn’t invent short-term rentals… The question is, how is it changing? What’s new is that technology came and made it easy for the customer looking for a place to stay and the owner to find each other.”

He also saw where other investors were falling short: they were doing too much work themselves and not finding the right people to combine skills with on things like furnishing, maintenance and cleaning.

Paying it forward

Now, J.’s passing on some of his wisdom in his training course, “Cash Flow Diary.”

“You need to know the rule book,” he says, “To survive, you have to grow equity pretty much out of nothing. There’s only two ways to do it: you build a business or own real estate. We have a jobs crisis because we’ve been taught how to take jobs, not make them. Even with the problems we have, we still live in the greatest country in the world. We need to remember that we’re standing on golden ground.”

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