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Real Estate Expert and Reality TV Star Tracy Tutor on Being the Change You Want to See

Photos: Courtesy of Tracy Tutor

A real estate expert and star of “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles,” Tracy Tutor doesn’t let fear get in the way of her career. Instead, she analyzes the egos of the people she’s working with so she can gain confidence and have the upper hand. 

Now she’s sharing the strategies she uses to get ahead in her new book “Fear Is Just a Four-Letter Word: How to Develop the Unstoppable Confidence to Own Any Room,” which has been dubbed, “a go-to manual for any woman struggling to convince people she’s in charge.”

“I have become successful in a man’s world by taking steps toward embracing who I am and owning my actions,” Tutor said, noting both men and women are fearful at times. “Women don’t embrace their feminine power in business enough because they are scared of the reaction. I live for the reaction. It doesn’t define me and, although that realization didn’t come overnight, I was able to conquer that fear.”

Representation and diversity

The first female agent in the Bravo show’s history, Tutor has more than 20 years of real estate experience. She says that while women make up 63 percent of the real estate workforce, there’s a lack of racial and gender representation on the real estate show.

“I take my position as a female on this show very seriously,” she said. “I recognize the platform I have, and I knew I wanted to share my experience and road to success with other women, so I wrote a book about it.”

Tutor says Dottie Herman, one of the most successful women in real estate, was a big inspiration to her and was part of her decision to join prestigious brokerage firm Douglas Elliman. Tutor says more women are needed in commercial real estate and at the executive level. 

With more women at the forefront, like Herman and Susan DeFranca, Douglas Elliman Development Marketing’s President and CEO, “we will be able to have more policy in place where our voice is considered,” Tutor said.

Me time

Tutor says health and fitness are essential to a successful career. 

“Wake up and take the day, and don’t let it take you,” she said.

The author says she does some form of exercise daily, mostly for the serotonin release. Working out for 60-90 minutes gives her time to focus on herself, too.

“That time is crucial for women building a new business or expanding an already successful one,” she said. “It is when I get some of my craziest ideas, like writing my book. Use that time wisely. Work hard, blast your favorite music, and spend some time at the end getting centered and focusing on your goals for that day.”

For women who feel time-challenged, Tutor suggests waking up earlier.


The mother of two says she consistently talks with her daughters Juliet, 14, and Scarlett, 11, about the business decisions she makes and why. She says the discussions can conceptually apply to things going on in her daughters’ own lives.

She says Juliet reminds her, “I am always saying ‘stop talking and start doing,’” she said. “Be the change you want to see by acting on it and by implementing strategies to get you to your goal.”

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