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The Business Advantage of Women in Commercial Real Estate

Investing in diversity early and often can result in better business outcomes and a clear advantage over the competition. Diversity is a critical factor in market growth, according to research undertaken by the Center for Talent Innovation, a nonprofit think tank whose mission is to help organizations become more diverse. Inclusion fuels innovation, enhances engagement with customers and employees and helps drive success in our ever-changing business landscape.

How diversity pays

Companies with gender-diverse upper management outperform homogeneous companies in return on investment and carry less debt. Where women account for the majority of top management, businesses show superior sales growth and higher cash flow returns on investment.

In 2017, Commercial Real Estate Women (CREW) Network found that more gender-diverse commercial real estate companies experience significant business advantages, such as increases in profits and stock performance. They are more successful in recruiting and retaining women and have experienced gains from the greater creativity, critical thinking and innovation that comes from diverse teams.

Advocating for women

CREW Network advocates for gender equity and greater diversity and inclusion in commercial real estate. Founded in 1989, CREW Network is dedicated to advancing women in commercial real estate globally. CREW Network focuses on four key initiatives: business development, leadership development, industry research and career outreach. The organization supports nearly 11,000 members in all types of commercial real estate careers in more than 70 major markets.

To strengthen the talent pipeline, CREW Network also works to bring more women into commercial real estate through programs that educate women and girls about the career opportunities available to them, by supporting college-level education through scholarships and by providing mentorships to those new to the industry.

Success in a commercial real estate career requires a powerful network, superior market knowledge, industry-specific tools and continuous leadership training. In this dynamic and highly-competitive industry, CREW Network is the premier resource and referral business network for commercial real estate professionals.

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