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Realize the Freedom of an E-Bike

ebike-specialized-los angeles-joe rangel
ebike-specialized-los angeles-joe rangel
Joe Rangel

Nothing compares to the joy of getting on a bike after a long day of sitting behind a desk. There’s something special and freeing that comes with the ride. I use this time to clear my mind, shake some energy throughout my body, and immerse myself in the sights and sounds of Los Angeles.

My name is Joe. I’m an artist and I document all the beautiful things I see while I’m out on my bike. I ride a Specialized Turbo Vado SL e-bike. The pedal assist allows me to cover more ground and experience my city in a whole new, intimate way. It takes me to places that I would normally pass by or not even be able to access if I was in a car, never knowing what I was missing.

Since I’ve started riding an e-bike, I’ve doubled the number of miles I can ride. I navigate this sprawling city with ease, conquering the biggest hills and enjoying the fun descents on the other side. I ride as far as I can up the coast and when I get tired, I turn up the power and cruise back home. A lot of the time, I lose track of how far or how long I’ve been riding.

There are times when I get busy or simply don’t feel like riding, but the Turbo Vado SL is so much fun that it doesn’t take much to get motivated to go out for a spin. I never regret it once I’m out there. I love it when my friends join me on their analog bikes so I can challenge them to keep up with me. They’re all getting stronger and faster thanks to my e-bike!

If you’re even just thinking about getting an e-bike, I encourage you to do it. Use it to get to the local coffee shop, to grab a slice of pizza, or to go for a sunset ride along the beach. Make sure you get a helmet, good lights, and a lock, then get out there and enjoy the journey. There’s always somewhere to go and something to see while riding in this wonderful city, and you’ll save on gas money while you’re at it!  

Follow along on Joe’s journeys through Los Angeles on Instagram & TikTok: @calistreetshots.

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This article has been paid for by Specialized Bicycle Components.

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