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Have Five Feet? Then You Too Can Create a Home Office

Kate Rumson, the real estate investor, designer, content creator, and founder of The Real Houses of Instagram, has some tips for designing your home office. 

What are some of the essential items you incorporate into home offices?

I always try to incorporate as much storage as possible. File cabinets, shelves, and drawers are all very important for a well-organized home office. I also try to include a sitting area with a sofa and chairs to soften the overall look and make the space feel cozier and warmer.  Home office needs to feel inviting and comfortable to create an inspirational environment and promote productivity.

When you design homes, is the amount of must-have home offices increasing?

I am seeing more and more homeowners convert their formal living rooms into home offices. Now, more than ever before, we pay attention to efficiency and storage when it comes to floor plans: having a home office not only allows us to comfortably work from home but is also better for storage and organization.

What are some tips to make a home office productive and aesthetically pleasing?

I recommend investing in stylish office organization accessories. There are so many chic letter trays, pencil cups, and tape dispensers available today, it makes it easy to create a beautiful, organized and personalized home office you would want to spend time in! Places like The Container Store offer endless options when it comes to office organization supplies — it’s easy and affordable and makes a world of difference! 

How can you design small spaces if there’s no extra room in a house to dedicate as an office?

I feel like my current townhouse is the best example of how one can have a home office even if they don’t have an extra room. All you need is at least five feet of wall space for a desk almost anywhere in your home. Installing wall shelves above the desk will provide additional storage and make the entire area look more beautiful and put together. 

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