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How a Disability Business Certification Can Benefit Your Business

There are 15.1 million people of working age living with disabilities in the U.S., yet as of August 2019, only 34.7 percent are participating in the workforce. Small business ownership and other self-employment options have the power to lower the high unemployment rate among people with disabilities. Disability business certifications provide a way to expand contract opportunities with leading, inclusive corporations.

This is further encouraged by a recent report from Accenture, which in partnership with Disability:IN and the American Association of People with Disabilities found that if just 1 percent more of unemployed people with disabilities entered the workforce, the GDP could get a boost of up to $25 billion. It literally pays to be inclusive.

Inclusion matters

Although the stigma and misunderstanding around disability remains high, leading corporations recognize disability as a strength. After all, many people have disabilities, and anyone can experience a disability at any time. Some common disabilities include AIDS, anxiety, depression, being deaf or hard of hearing, diabetes, epilepsy, limb loss, multiple sclerosis, and PTSD. True inclusion empowers people to be their authentic selves, unleashing innovation, creativity, and performance. 

Inclusion matters not just in the workforce but also in supplier diversity. Corporations such as those in the Billion Dollar Roundtable are committing to spending as much as $1 billion with diverse suppliers, including disability-owned businesses. A disability-owned business certification can help expand your contract opportunities.

Benefits of a disability business certification

  • Nationally recognized certification: Disability business certifications are widely recognized by corporations and government agencies.
  • Policy advocacy: Many governments and institutional investors are advocating for supplier diversity to include disability-owned businesses.
  • Fast track certification process: Oftentimes, if you already hold one diverse certification, you will be on a fast track to another.
  • Veteran and service-disabled veteran recognition: Disability business certifications include veteran and service-disabled veteran businesses, which elevate your business above the rest for contracts.
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