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Mesh Makes the Difference For Widespread WiFi

Photo: Courtesy of Muhammad Raufan Yusup

It’s a common story across warehouses, car dealerships, golf courses, country clubs, construction sites and other businesses that are typically spread across a big area. They may be very different, but they share the same challenge: how to keep everyone connected across the site.

These companies that are usually small-to-medium sized businesses may occupy an area as big as a stadium, but unlike a stadium, there are not hundreds of users to connect. That makes it hard to consider the cost and disruption of installing Ethernet cables to reach out to the furthest corners of the site, something that may not even be possible anyway.

Mesh technology

Until recently, traditional WiFi systems were not suitable for these businesses covering large areas. However, that has all changed with the introduction of the latest WiFi mesh technology, providing the performance of fixed network lines but without the cost and installation effort. Consistently great WiFi -up to an unprecedented 17,500 square feet -is now within reach.


A WiFi mesh systems offers multiple WiFi access points -known as satellites -together with a router and advanced software, create a single cohesive network that can span over a large area. The advantage of mesh networks is that the system is self-organizing and self-optimizing, meaning the satellites are always on the look out for the best backhaul option to offer the best possible WiFi service. This means that the WiFi speed and quality throughout the coverage area are the same for the warehouse next door as they are for the foreman’s office.

With mesh technology, businesses can roll out consistently high-performance WiFi access to staff and guests across a large area, cost-effectively, quickly and simply, without any compromise on quality.

Alexandra Mehat, SeniorManager, SMB Product Marketing at NETGEAR, [email protected]

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