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Improving Industrial Operations With Belt Drive Systems

Philip Nelles, the executive vice president of Continental ContiTech Power Transmission Group, weighs in on the power of belt technology in industrial operations.

Philip Nelles

Executive Vice President, Continental ContiTech Power Transmission Group

How is your belt technology a cost-effective solution for industrial operations? 

ContiTech offers a complete range of products from classical v-belts to the highest-performing timing belts. Most notably, Synchrochain Carbon helps customers reduce maintenance as well as design narrower, lighter and more energy efficient drive solutions. Life expectancy is two to three times longer than chain drives, and no lubrification is required.

What specific characteristics allow this belt to successfully compete with chain drives? 

Synchrochain Carbon is able to compete with chain drive applications due to the selection of raw materials and the design of the belt. The polyurethane and carbon construction provides the belt with the ultimate strength — it ensures clean, smooth and reliable power transmission at high torque or high speed applications.

Does the integration of this technology improve manufacturing and warehousing tasks?

Our ultimate goal is to develop high-quality, complete solutions tailored to the needs of our customers. By integrating ContiTech solutions into manufacturing and warehousing environments, we can help improve efficiency, up-time and reduce costly maintenance for our customers.

How can implementing this belt drive system improve safety? 

Reduced vibration and no need to re-tension the belt drive system, as well as being quieter in operation improves the working and safety conditions for operators and maintenance technicians.

Where do you see manufacturing in the next five years?

We see smart factories using big data to learn patterns in operations and reduce operating costs, mainly by avoiding unplanned breakdowns and implementing preventive maintenance. Continental ContiTech is developing smart belt drive systems that can be integrated in smart factories across a variety of industries.

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