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Sustainable Packaging

Investing in Sustainability Yields Better Customer Experience

Photo: Courtesy of Charles Deluvio

Hayley Haggarty

Group Event Director, WestPack, Informa Markets

To be a successful business today, astute company owners and marketing strategists recognize that innovative packaging design isn’t just about product encasement — it’s about delivery, presentation, material sustainability, ecological footprint, and ultimately a customer’s visceral connection with the product.

Popping open a tube of Pillsbury Crescent Rolls, twisting off the lid of a Snapple bottle, or unboxing a new iPhone — our product experience begins even before we use the products. Far beyond encapsulating and protecting a product, packaging is the key strategic tool used to communicate to consumers your brand values. 

See why switching from fossil-fuel to fiber-based packaging is not only good for the environment, it’s good for business.

A trend that has become increasingly important year after year is the growing emphasis on convenient and eco-friendly packaging. Consumers and investors alike seek products and companies that promote sustainability and other salutary societal needs and values, which gives a company that prioritizes sustainable packaging a significant competitive advantage.

Leaders of all companies, no matter the industry, need to be asking themselves, “What are you doing to build the value of your brand to stand the test of time?” Being a responsible and sustainable business is essential to long-term success and a driver of the benefits and value delivered to customers. My advice is to ensure sustainability is a foundational pillar to your business strategy.

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