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A Look at What’s Behind the Fastest Growing Law Firms

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Though most of the firms were smaller, they were quickly rising. Their common thread? Setting goals, then using technological solutions to achieve massive growth. Remarkably, award-winners experienced an average growth of 226 percent.

The right solution

Many winning firms cited the adoption and implementation of technology as the key to achieving high-velocity growth. Importantly, these firms did not identify any single technology that propelled them to higher growth rates, rather, they typically integrated systems to meet their custom needs.

Certainly, document automation tools allow these firms to produce higher quality, more consistent work, faster and more efficiently than ever before, but there’s more to it than simply use of technology.

A major focus for these fast-growing firms is on building qualified prospects by combining client relationship management tools and intake systemization with automated social media content and email campaigns. Tech solutions for client retention are also a priority for a value-added relationship.

The leading voices

Landerholm Immigration, APC, out of Oakland, California, grew by 216 percent. Founder, Otis C. Landerholm has implemented case management, time and billing software (Clio), internal collaboration software (Slack), VOIP phone systems and the grossly undervalued online calendar. All of these, together, keep his team in touch with clients, and on top of their matters. “Firms taking advantage of the gifts that technology provides are moving past the firms that remain in the dark ages,” said Landerholm. “Our firm uses cloud-based software (Clio and Office 365) to calendar our critical deadlines, tasks and appointments and promises to plan our time remotely, from anywhere, and allows us to all stay on the same page in real-time.”

Erik Broel, founder and principal of the Georgia Probate Law Group uses technology to liberate himself and his team from the strictures of the typical work day. “We’ve used technology very successfully to improve the quality of work-life balance by setting up systems that allow team members to work from anywhere — not just in the office,” Broel reports. 

Similarly, Rock Solid Law in Jacksonville, Florida, grew by 221 percent. Founder John Miller recalls the time when “law students shared a single computer for research. Now our computers are present in nearly every task.” Miller says one of the keys to his firm’s growth is “practice management software which allows us to maximize our clients’ experience and keep on top of who our clients are, what they need in the current moment and to anticipate their future needs.” For Miller, technology contributes to “a gushing pipeline of new opportunities for a growing firm. The important thing is to know what you want to accomplish, then use technological solutions as tools to get it done.”

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