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How a “buy now, pay-later” platform can lead to more business — and more repeat business.

One of the biggest changes in the rapidly changing world of commerce is the rise of “buy now, pay-over-time” platforms. More than a third of shoppers would consider paying over time if it was offered, and flexible payment arrangements are expected to account for nearly $700 billion in transactions by 2025.

“Offering this option allows merchants to meet consumers where they are,” says Libor Michalek, president of technology at Affirm, a leading financial technology company, “and provide options that align with their needs and preferences.”

Benefits of flexibility

Affirm offers a range of flexible paying services to businesses of all sizes. “Offering a flexible payment option helps businesses grow while minimizing discounting,” notes Michalek. “We help merchants capture larger orders, convert more consumers, and build consumer loyalty.”

“We want to give customers the best possible deals and enable them to experience the moments that matter,” says Jacobus Kok, product director at Priceline, a leading online travel agency usingAffirm’s platform. “Buy now, pay-over-time unlocks a unique opportunity for both the customer and merchant. We are seeing both new customers and higher order values with customers paying with Affirm. Implementing a pay-over-time option has driven a positive impact for our business.”

Choosing a partner

When it comes to implementing a buy now, pay-over-time platform, Kok advises thorough research and testing. “The implementation, execution, and ease of use are important,” he says. “As are the alignment of values, specifically around trust and transparency,” he adds.

Michalek agrees. “Affirm was founded with the mission to build honest financial products that improve lives. We don’t make money off consumer misfortune. We succeed when the consumer succeeds.”

Michalek believes the future of commerce is all about giving customers the power of flexibility. “Whether a consumer is purchasing fitness equipment, a ticket to Europe, or a new pair of sneakers,” he says, “Affirm is a flexible way to pay.”

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