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What Loly Orozco Learned While Launching Her Business

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starting a business, launching her business-business-women in b

Little Postage House founder and Tory Burch Fellow Loly Orozco talks about why businesses need to create more inclusive environments and how they can bring female perspectives into the fold.


Loly Orozco

Founder, Little Postage House; Tory Burch Fellow

Which resources, tools, and technologies have been the most effective in helping women entrepreneurs to better access and manage capital?

Starting and growing Little Postage House was a lonely journey. For a long time, I thought that I had to do it alone. I only became aware of the world of resources and tools dedicated to promoting and accelerating the growth of women entrepreneurs through my involvement with the Tory Burch Foundation. 

It provides women entrepreneurs with access to capital, education, and digital resources. It has an entire library online with information on topics ranging from understanding Google analytics to legal fundamentals. 

Last year, I was selected as a Tory Burch Foundation fellow and I can truly say that has significantly changed the way I view entrepreneurship, my business, and its potential.

How can women entrepreneurs and leaders more effectively establish their brands’ online presences?

It is incredibly important to build a brand that is authentic. This doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Start small by defining your brand, its core values, and your mission.  Think about what drives your business and use it to build a robust online presence.  

Create a website and social media content that is consistent with your brand. It doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated. Keep it simple and have a clear design and message.  The most important thing is to be authentic and consistent. If you’re just starting out on social media, I always recommend that you post once a day, every day.   

What are some ways organizations can help to address the economic gender gap, stereotypes, and unconscious bias within the workplace for women?

It is critically important to have open and candid conversations about the reality of the workplace, even if they’re uncomfortable. Before starting my business, I was a practicing attorney in a male-dominated “Big Law” firm in New York. The men in the group did not see themselves as sexist, but the work environment made it difficult for women to excel and made women feel they were outsiders who must leave their femininity at the door.  

One day, I had a candid conversation with one of the senior male partners about the female perspective. That conversation led him to see things in an entirely different light and to re-evaluate his approach. I think it is important to enable women’s participation in the labor force by providing them with access to childcare, a support system, and flexibility. 

Why do companies that create inclusive business models and invest in women’s economic empowerment ultimately see greater business success?

Companies that create inclusive business models benefit from the complete human experience with both the male and female perspectives. Women play an important role in our society, politics, and economy. Companies that fail to understand this and don’t create inclusive business models are limiting their human capital and failing to fully understand their customers. 

I always think of Sara Blakely and Spanx here. Male investors rejected her company because they did not understand her product. In doing so, they missed out on what turned out to be a billion-dollar opportunity. Women bring a different perspective and approach to the workplace, which will change and broaden the lens through which companies view their market, evaluate potential investments, and solve problems. 

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