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The Importance of Giving Women a Seat at the Table

Senior Vice President of Collabera, Dawn Serpe, answers questions about how to support more women on their rise to the top of the career ladder.

Dawn Serpe

Senior Vice President, Collabera

What obstacles have you faced as a woman within your industry?

In the past, I’ve worked at companies where it was a “boy’s club.” In each organization, I’ve had to prove myself and show that I deserve a seat at the table; that I have the experience and a unique perspective as a woman, including empathy and compassion.

What would you tell male counterparts regarding the importance of bridging the gender gap?

I tell my male counterparts that we need more women in management roles, simply because we bring different perspectives, ideas, and experiences to the table. It’s always advantageous to have a diverse group of people at the table because it allows us to grow and learn from each other.

How can women express their interest in moving into leadership roles?

Have an honest conversation with your manager and tell them about your aspirations and what achievements you bring to the table. Show that you exemplify the qualities of someone who cares about her role and the people she works with, and why you should be considered for a leadership role.

What advice would you tell young women looking to excel within their field?

Pursue what you’re passionate about and focus on what makes you happy. You’ve made it when you wake up in the morning and work excites you. A lot of people hate their jobs, unfortunately, but women will excel when they are motivated and feel great about what they do.

How do you define success?

For me, it all comes down to how I feel. I need to be excited, challenged and driven by my career and the company I work for. I love that every day is different, and I have an amazing team, an awesome boss that is behind me, and a company that believes in me.

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