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Actress Nikki Reed Is Empowering Women to Follow Their Business Dreams

Photo: Courtesy of Joe Perri

Becoming an entrepreneur has been incredibly rewarding for Nikki Reed.

The actress, best known for playing vampire Rosalie Hale in “The Twilight Saga,” wanted to create jewelry pieces she couldn’t find in the marketplace.  

“I felt inspired by the misperception that sustainable, earth-friendly goods make you compromise on luxury,” said Reed, designer for Bayou With Love. “I love working with gold, because it addresses that head on. Gold is gold, no matter where it comes from, so why not go the route of recycled gold, as it has fewer environmental consequences.”

Finding the right work/life balance

No matter how busy Reed is, she doesn’t let work consume her.

“I try to remember to take a second for myself,” she said. “I am a businesswoman, a mom and a wife. All three of those things are incredibly important to me, and I have to also remember to maintain a relationship with myself throughout.

“Tuning into my body is so important. Getting a little exercise or meditation is part of ‘me’ time.”

Managing the books

“I think I learned early on to make sure I approve every bill and every transaction myself,” Reed explained. “Things slip through the cracks, and the only person who will really watch out for your finances is you.”

Reed credits her father for giving her sound financial advice.

“He was the first person who taught me how to budget and make a spreadsheet,” she said. “I still use some of his tips today. I think a lot of people would rather be hands-off when it comes to finances, and while I still have a lot to learn, I’m definitely in control of my financial well-being and managing everything.”

Encouraging others

For women looking to start their own businesses, Reed says taking charge is essential.

“Take the reins. If you have the dream, and the brain, learn how to expand yourself within your company, and wear as many hats as possible,” she said. “Grow. Learn about all of it. There’s no such thing as a male- dominated industry anymore.

“Let’s change the way business is viewed. Ladies, you have a seat at the table. In fact, you’re the head of the table!”

Cindy Riley, [email protected]

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