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The Next Industrial Revolution Is Here & It’s Happening in AI

There is an automation revolution under way — and it will have the same level of impact on our economy and way of life as the invention of the internet did at the turn of the 21st century.

Automated technology is already transforming the way we work, and we will likely see more change to the workplace in the next ten years than we have for the past century. But does this mean that automation will wipe out all jobs and there will be nothing left for humans to do? Not quite. At the heart of this revolution is the fact that all systems can be made to interoperate through digital workers.

The Blue Prism enterprise class automation platform generates an expansion of services, higher rates of service quality, greater flexibility in working such as when coping with the COVID-19 pandemic, and most of all, speed and scalability. And the Blue Prism Digital Worker is software that attempts to get as close as possible to a human worker.

The digital worker is neither script nor bot, but in fact runs multiple scripts and bots on a large scale in order to seamlessly automate business processes.

Like a human worker, the Blue Prism digital worker is trained by a business user and makes use of any tools and third-party technologies it needs. By choice, necessity, or taste, the digital worker makes use of any novel, routine, or classic machine learning or AI algorithm required for the task.

The large human powered business service companies begin look old fashioned in this new context. They will need to pivot and Covid-19 will likely accelerate all these changes.

We already claim that any business processes worthy of the name can be automated. So, buckle up.

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