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Business Aviation Lets You Take Your Career Skyward

Photo: Courtesy Alec Cooks

“Business aviation” is a term used to describe the manufacture, use and support of aircrafts to help companies of all sizes meet their transportation needs. Companies rely on business aviation to become more efficient, productive and successful. Business aviation supports more than 1 million jobs and over $200 billion in annual economic activity. It connects small communities to the global marketplace and provides critical humanitarian support in times of crisis.

Talent wanted

While business aviation has always been a dynamic and forward-looking industry, it’s also facing a talent shortage. Among member companies of the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA), more than 60 percent have experienced pilot turnover since 2015, and 33 percent have lost maintenance specialists. Over the next 20 years, there will be a worldwide need for 96,000 business aircraft pilots, along with a commensurate number of maintenance technicians, schedulers, dispatchers and other personnel.

Career opportunities

While qualified professionals will be needed in the future, it is equally important to find innovative ways to nurture today’s workforce with resources to support skills development and career advancement. NBAA is confronting this challenge through efforts to help attract, retain and grow the business aviation workforce. The association hosts student-focused “Careers in Business Aviation” days as part of NBAA’s annual convention. Over the past five years, these day-long events have introduced more than 5,500 students to the industry’s many career opportunities. NBAA also coordinates with local aviation groups and schools to organize events that have introduced hundreds of young people to business aviation careers and raised scholarship funds.

Professional development

To assist in career advancement and retention, NBAA offers a professional development program with a curriculum focused on management fundamentals. The program has helped prepare more than 11,000 business aviation professionals for leadership roles. NBAA’s accredited Certified Aviation Manager Program is the industry standard for excellence, and the credential is now held by more than 400 professionals.

In business aviation, people can chart their own course, create their own opportunities, work with the latest aviation technologies and travel the world, all while being a valued part of a skilled team.

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