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It Takes a Lot to Create a Beautiful Event

It’s all about the final result when it comes to event planning, but clients may not understand the many steps it takes to get there.

Whether you’re an event professional putting together a 5,000-person mega-conference or just a guest at your friend’s cousin’s kid’s wedding, the final result of the event is the only thing anyone remembers.

But there are countless tiny steps that lead to the moment where it all comes together. The process is everything, and the process separates the amateur from the pro, yet the process often is the part we talk the least about.

True professionals bring experience and knowledge to the process — from the initial meeting to the debrief afterward, which influences strategy, design, and delivery. It’s the ability to ask the right questions and zero in on a solution tailored to exactly what the client really wants and is willing to pay for. Event professionals understand human behavior and how to design for it, stay up-to-date on trends, know safety protocol and best practices, and much more.

Both the pros and the clients lose out when event professionals are too focused on the final product to spend time ideating and thinking about what the final product will look like. Event professionals must be more transparent of the whole process if clients are to understand the real value of the work.

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