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Corporate events are designed to inspire employees and spark their enthusiasm — but some of these events tend to be monotonous despite the best efforts of those planning them. The challenge of capturing not just the presence of employees but also their enthusiasm can be met, it just takes a little bit of enthusiasm.

“Meetings and events have to compete for attendees’ time, whether that’s getting those attendees away from the office or holding their attention during sessions,” says Maryann Smith, vice president of sales, services and events at Disney Meetings & Events.

The power of storytelling

Smith sees imagination and creativity as key. “Storytelling and imagination are everything. At Disney, we’re experts at creating compelling stories and transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary, so we encourage meeting professionals to tap into our creative resources and use our imagination to tell their own stories and bring their meetings and events to life.”

Smith also notes that like real estate, successful events are all about location, location, location. “The right destination can drive attendance for association events, motivate performance for incentive trips and energize corporate attendees.” Smith thinks Disney is always the right destination. “Simply put, there’s no destination or hotel company that can grab attendees’ attention and deliver important business messages in such a fun and engaging way.”

The Disney difference

“We like to say that meetings aren’t planned; they’re designed,” Smith goes on. “Finding the right partner to help design a creative event is key. When partnering with Disney, meeting professionals get access to best-in-class designers, industry-leading technology, creative culinary experts and unforgettable entertainment.”

For your next company event, consider adding a dash of the magic kingdom to your plans — your newly engaged employees will thank you.

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