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The Digital Landscape Is Changing. Your Security Solutions Need to Keep up

Digital technology is changing at such a rapid pace. Every day, there are new methods of digital technology for interacting, playing, and working. 

As technology evolves, our cybersecurity methodologies must adapt to this ever-changing environment to prevent malware, ransomware, and other malicious activities from plaguing our systems. Cybersecurity and data protection need to be the top priorities for all organizations — both locally and in the cloud. If it is not, there is a strong likelihood cybercrime will wreak havoc on your business.

Planning for the worst

With systems becoming more complex, it’s almost impossible to protect yourself against everything. Therefore, organizations need to ensure they not only have a proper backup plan in place, but also that they have a true disaster recovery plan. 

Backing up and replicating data is the easy part, but have you thought about the standard operating procedures and methodologies on how the data will be consumable or recoverable if you ever need it?

Utilizing software platforms and/or a cloud provider can help eliminate the aggravation of your organization having to worry about the “what ifs” of your data, shifting accountability to someone who can make sure your data is always safe and available if you need it. This will not only help prevent a cyberattack, but will ensure you have reactive measures in place in the event that your preventive measures are exploited.

With technology changing so rapidly, it’s nearly impossible to guarantee nothing will ever happen to your data, so it’s up to you to recognize the importance of implementing an effective strategy to help combat these attacks and safeguard your business.

Michael Ohayon, Chief Operating Officer, Webair, [email protected]

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