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Diversity in Business

Customer Focus Drives Unum’s Inclusive Culture

Wade Hinton

Vice President, Inclusion and Diversity, Unum Group

Our company is built on the promise of helping people when they need it most. It’s an inspiring mission — one that depends on harnessing the creativity and energy of our nearly 10,000 employees.

Unum’s customers represent a cross-section of society and come from different communities, ethnic backgrounds, socioeconomic perspectives and physical abilities. We believe the best way to meet the needs of our customers and make better decisions is to reflect their diversity.  

At Unum, we’re striving to create a workplace culture that attracts the great talent we need to deliver on our promise. Being inclusive and welcoming of diverse backgrounds and perspectives sparks the creativity and innovation we need to deliver our best. 

It starts at the top

The commitment to inclusivity starts at the top. Our board of directors is already a recognized leader in gender diversity, and our CEO and senior leadership team are measured, in part, on inclusion and diversity performance goals. We’ve also developed leadership programs to empower our under-represented populations and improved our understanding of the need through research.

Just as importantly, we’re harnessing the energy of our employees to help us realize our vision. Through employee resource groups, employee volunteers work to ensure everyone has a place where they’re heard and where they can use their talents and interests to create an environment of acceptance. These groups continue to develop initiatives that ensure we have a workplace where everyone’s ideas are heard, where every individual feels a sense of belonging and where employees can see a path for their personal and professional advancement.  

A place where everyone feels included

A great place to work is one where people of every background have the tools and the support of leaders to grow and reach their full potential. A place where no one feels limited or excluded from the opportunity to contribute and learn. A place that helps us be more receptive to novel ideas and new ways of thinking.

We understand to have such a place takes consistent commitment and this is why every day we work to make Unum the most inclusive, diverse and welcoming company in our industry and beyond.

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