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Planning Strategies for a Secure Retirement


Competent, ethical, expert advice can provide worrying retirees with strategies for a secure retirement and peace of mind.


David M. Maola, J.D., M.B.A.

CEO, Society of Financial Service Professionals

According to an analysis by Fidelity reported in the Journal of Financial Service Professionals, it will cost a married couple $280,000 to cover healthcare and medical expenses in retirement.

This speaks to the importance to competent, ethical, expert advice in retirement. Anthony R. Bartlett, ChFC, CASL, RICP, AEP, of Bartlett Wealth Management, in Worcester, Massachusetts, works in partnership with his clients to create a flexible retirement plan, and emphasizes the value of planning to financial success.

Thomas D. Wyatt, JD, CFP, AIF, of Lifetime Financial Growth of Central Ohio, agrees with Bartlett on the importance of planning. He recommends “flooring,” or matching guaranteed income sources, such as funds from Social Security, a pension plan, or an annuity with monthly income needs.

Another strategy used by both Bartlett and Wyatt is called ”bucketing,” or distributing money into different buckets. For example, one bucket might be a cash or cash-equivalent account, a second bucket might feature a blended investment portfolio, and a final bucket might be more aggressive investments.

In discussing options for retirement security, Michael J. McGlothlin, CLU, ChFC, CFP, LUTCF, of Ash Brokerage, in Fort Wayne, Indiana, highlights the advantages of annuities. Another essential strategy to retirement success, according to Bartlett, is Social Security claiming decision and working with an advisor to be sure that “thousands of dollars are not left on the table.”

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