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Plug In America Offers Programs to Help Drivers Go Electric

Plug In America, PlugStar, and Drive Electric Earth Day help consumers learn about the benefits of EVs and make the switch.

Plug In America is a nonprofit organization with a variety of resources that help consumers switch to an electric vehicle (EV) powered by clean, affordable, domestic electricity. This will reduce our nation’s dependence on foreign oil, improve air quality, result in better public health, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

EVs are beneficial to the environment, fun to drive, and oftentimes cheaper to own. The cars are easier to maintain (for example, you never need an oil change again) and don’t require expensive trips to the gas station. Going electric benefits the driver, their community, and the nation at large. 

Getting informed

For those new to EVs, a great place to start is a Drive Electric Earth Day event. Throughout April, dozens of in-person and online events give EV enthusiasts and beginners alike the opportunity to interact with EVs in a fun, non-sales environment. Attendees can test drive vehicles, talk to current EV owners, and see why more than 2 million Americans have already switched to electric!

Interested buyers can then go to and find valuable resources to begin their EV journey. From start to finish, consumers can find the exact EV they are searching for based on their budget, lifestyle, and other preferences. PlugStar also provides information on incentives (such as tax credits and rebates), charging (including home charging equipment and finding an electrician), and dealers trained and certified by Plug In America. This seamless experience provides people with everything they need to know to drive electric.

Plug In America also offers an EV Support Program through which prospective electric vehicle drivers can connect one-on-one with experts to have their questions answered, including questions about charging and incentives. 

From Drive Electric Earth Day to PlugStar to the EV Support Program, Plug In America has the information drivers need to make the switch to electric in the most efficient way possible. Visit,, and for more information. 

This article was paid for by Plug In America.

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