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3 Ways IoT Is Taking Over the Consumer World

Photo: Courtesy of kevin laminto

Internet of Things (IoT) products have long felt far out of everyday reach — accessible primarily by large corporations. But consumer IoT is making strides in expanding product availability and accessibility, and it is here to stay. Here are just three examples of how IoT products can change our daily lives.

1. Safer driving conditions

With connected cars and traffic controls, technology can better inform drivers of internal mechanical issues, providing valuable information for both car owners and their mechanics. Traffic lights can adjust to real-time traffic conditions and speed limits can adjust to unsafe conditions like poor weather.

2. Energy and health

A smart refrigerator could let you know when you’re running low on your most-used staples, automatically updating your grocery list with in-store shopping reminders. For those with chronic conditions, IoT products can limit the number of trips to the doctor with remote routine procedures, like monitoring blood pressure and sugar levels.

3. Better, fuller sleep

A built-in sleep cycle monitor can tell you how long and how well you sleep, letting you know when your deepest sleep occurs and making sure you achieve it each night.

There are currently 9 billion interconnected devices, and we are expected to reach 24 billion by 2020, according to a 2015 report by Attinad Software. While expenditure on IoT technology and products is increasing, it isn’t all about spending. For example, Barcelona saves $37 million a year due to smart lighting technology, and the city’s IoT projects have created 47,000 additional jobs. Consumer goods and services is the third largest product category expected to take off. The top five consumer categories are: smart TVs, health trackers, cars, home security devices and watches.

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