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Whether projects are big or small, from the interior to the exterior, from the walls to the walkways, Sherwin-Williams is helping property managers make their property stand out with the modern, sleek aesthetics renters are looking for.

Color is one of the first things prospective tenants notice when viewing a property. The right color sets the tone of a home. It can make it feel modern and chic, or cozy and rustic, and it can help a property match and complement the vibe of its surrounding neighborhood.

“Color has the ability to help a property blend into a historic district, make a bold statement on a busy streetscape, or highlight a property’s best feature,” said Emily Kantz, color marketing manager on Sherwin-Williams’ Color Forecast Team.

For more than 150 years, Sherwin-Williams has offered the paint and color services that have helped residents feel happy in their homes and given property managers the tools they need to attract and retain tenants.

Throughout the pandemic, the company has continued to provide its expert color services by offering its famous color consultations virtually. Sherwin-Williams’ color experts virtually tour properties, suggest color palettes that will add value to the home, and answer any questions a property manager might have about the latest trends in style and color.

“With our extensive knowledge of the market, exterior and interior color trends, and regional preferences, we truly provide our customers with one-of-a-kind service,” Kantz said. “We want our customers to love color as much as we do.”

Personal touch

Sherwin-Williams’ color consultations aren’t just one-sided conversations, and they don’t only aim to engage the property manager. They also offer things like an accent wall program that lets current and future residents decide the color of an accent wall in their home.

Sherwin-Williams offers this unique service by providing property managers accent wall cards that feature a curated collection of colors that they can share with prospective residents. That added bit of customization gives units a unique pop, and gives tenants a deeper emotional connection with their future or current home.

“To allow someone to have that individuality and choice of an accent wall helps retain residents and allows them to really make their home their own,” Kantz said.

Elevate your property

Beyond ensuring your properties use colors that will add to their appeal, and therefore their value, Sherwin-Williams offers a range of other services that make the right first impression on prospective residents and keep current renters happy in their homes.

“A property that looks clean and well-maintained is going to go a long way with residents, especially in today’s market,” Kantz said.

Sherwin-Williams can help with everything from concrete walkway restoration to mold and mildew removal. They also use products like SuperPaint with Air-Purifying Technology and SuperPaint with Sanitizing Technology that will keep properties looking great for years to come, while also cutting down on maintenance and upkeep costs.

Whether it’s choosing the right colors, helping to restore and maintain your property, or anything else that will make renters more likely to move in and stay in your properties, Sherwin-Williams goes the extra mile to help its partner property managers succeed.

“We want to make sure the customer loves the colors and that it makes a positive impact on their business, and that people love where they live,” Kantz said.

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