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Saving Water and Energy Without Changing Habits

Because of the way plumbing is designed, it takes time) for hot water to arrive. As a result, most apartment dwellers turn-on the shower and step away to do something else while waiting. Pretty soon the water’s hot, but an empty shower runs on and on.

In total, about a minute’s worth of hot water is wasted at the start of every shower. And those little habits, called Behavioral Waste, are consuming 1.5-2.5 gallons of hot water per shower. Multitasking is a good use of time, but it ends up being a very poor use of water and the energy used to heat it. Although a couple of gallons may not sound like much, it adds up to lot of water and energy waste over time — especially in apartment buildings housing dozens or even hundreds of residents.

The solution to eliminating Behavioral Waste is simple, cost effective, and most importantly doesn’t require residents to change their routines.  All that’s needed is a clever little piece of technology called ShowerStart. Once installed, multifamily residents can go on doing what they’ve always done. ShowerStart takes care of the rest.

ShowerStart works by monitoring the shower’s temperature. Once hot water arrives, the flow is automatically reduced to a trickle. That audible change in flow indicates the shower’s ready and keeps it warm and waiting until the bather returns.  

Traditionally, multifamily properties have conserved hot water by installing low flow shower heads. And while they have the potential to get the job done, they typically do so at the expense of resident comfort. Spray patterns are weaker, showers are a bit colder, and they significantly increase hot water wait times — making the Behavioral Waste problem even worse.

It doesn’t have to be that way, however. Instead of lowering shower head flow, multifamily properties can now save the hot water that’s unintentionally wasted before showering actually begins. Save that Behavioral Waste and you’ll significantly reduce shower-related water and energy use while adding comfort and convenience to renters’ showering routines.

ShowerStart Technology is available in a variety of shower fixtures designed and developed exclusively by Evolve Technologies.

Products Featuring ShowerStart Technology

    Evolve Technologies’ Auto Diverting Tub Spout System is ideal for tub/shower combos. Not only does it eliminate Behavioral Waste, but it also speeds hot water delivery, reducing waits from minutes to just seconds.

The System has two additional comfort and convenience oriented water saving features. It thermostatically prevents tub spout leaks (hot water exiting the tub spout while the shower head is running) and delivers a great feeling, high pressure, yet water saving shower. In total the Auto Diverting Tub Spout System saves up to 16 gallons of hot water per shower.

    Like the idea of eliminating Behavioral Waste, but have a stand-alone shower? Adding ShowerStart to existing shower heads is as simple as using a ShowerStart TSV adapter. Once installed, residents can conveniently step away from the shower while waiting for it to become warm without wasting hot water while doing so. 

In addition to our ShowerStart TSV adapter Evolve offers a complete line of shower heads and hand showers with integrated ShowerStart Technology.

Enter below to learn more, and say hello to a better shower with ShowerStart.

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