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Don’t Let Your Family Be a Home Invasion Target

Most families like to think that burglaries and home invasions happen to other families. But as Founder and VP of Global Security Experts, I am here to tell you that criminals don’t discriminate. Black, white, rich or poor — your family could be the next target of a home invader or burglar.

A growing threat 

Few things are as terrifying and potentially lethal as a home invasion or break-in. Though the FBI and local police typically do not track this daily threat to homeowners, news headlines tell the real story — violent home invasions are now, sadly, part of our existence. Because home invaders have no regard for you or your loved ones, injuring or killing a family member is simply a means to a sadistic end — stealing your precious jewelry and money.

Take a look at some of today’s alarming stats as they relate to Long Island, New York burglaries and home invasions:

  •  1 in every five families experiences a break-in or violent home invasion.
  •  A home is burglarized every 15 seconds in the U.S.
  • Up to 79 percent of break-ins occur forcibly through a “locked” door.

Though violent home invasions and burglaries are occurring at an alarming rate across our country, many families make the dreaded mistake of relying on locked doors or an alarm system as their sole means of security. To avoid becoming the next victim, don’t make that mistake. 

Invest in protection 

Take extra precautions by adding layers of security to your home, such as heavy-duty deadbolts, OnGARD door braces, and ShatterGARD glass protection films. Doing so will act as a deterrent by making it exceptionally difficult for an intruder to enter your home.

During my 20-year career both as a security professional and entrepreneur, I have traveled the globe in search for an affordable and effective home security device such as the patented OnGUARD Security Door Brace. This state-of-the-art door brace is constructed of a space-age polymer, the same material found in U.S. fighter planes and transportation bridges worldwide.

The OnGARD door brace is incredibly strong and can resists forces as great as blows and thrusts from a sledgehammer and multiple forceful kicks by a 260-pound man.

The OnGARD door brace is a relatively small, unobtrusive, two-piece apparatus that is installed at the bottom of the door. The brace works by combining the strength of the door, door frame and the door brace itself. Through this combined strength, the door is able to withstand the most vigorous of blows. Because of the unexpected and increased difficulty the intruder experiences in trying to bust down the door, this, combined with the attention-getting noise, acts as a deterrent and encourages the criminal to flee.

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