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What You Need to Know About Break Ins

Protecting your home from burglars starts with knowing what attracts thieves and the best steps to take to avoid a break in. Jim Boyce, head of the security company DEFENDERS, shares what you need to know to keep your home safe. 

Jim Boyce

Head of Security, DEFENDERS

From your experience, where/how have burglars typically entered a home during a break in?

While doors are the most common, we find that intruders find multiple entry points into the home. That’s why we focus on thoroughly protecting our customers with a comprehensive home security solution tailored to their unique situation. 

What are some of the most commonly stolen items?

Cash, electronics, jewelry, prescription drugs and tools tend to be the most commonly stolen items; however, nothing is off-limits when a thief is in your home.

Appearance-wise, what makes a home more attractive to burglars?

No sign in the front yard! Also, be aware of what you’re leaving by the curb on trash day. When you buy a new TV or item that may be attractive to a burglar and leave the box by the curb, you are basically letting the burglar know what you have inside.

What is the very best way to stop break ins? 

The best way to stop a break-in is by installing a home security system. Also, always lock your doors and windows and make sure your outside lights are working. Remember, there is no foolproof way to stop someone from breaking in, but a security sign posted outside the home is a great deterrent. 

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