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To Build America Is to Represent America


Construction across America is at a pivotal point to become a catalyst in innovation and empower workers to take charge.

Workers in the fields responsible for turning our lights on, providing heat and air conditioning, and charging our phones are vital to maintaining our infrastructure. As a united front in electrical construction, contractors have
worked to provide pathways into the industry from all walks of life.

The National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) has been a steadfast leader in incorporating values of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging into workforces across the country. NECA has expanded its horizon of recruitment to include more workers beyond the dominant demographics.

The vision is to empower a cultural shift in our industry through education, opportunity, awareness, and open dialogue to create a well-rounded industry. NECA contributes to the Veteran’s Electrical Entry Program, which helps transition service members into the workforce in a high-demand field with excellent earning potential.

“Veterans have gone through training, have discipline and leadership skills, and are accountable,” said Ronald Bailey, NECA vice president of industry development and retired lieutenant general of the U.S. Marine Corps. “Their desire and work ethic highlights the capabilities of a military veteran in construction.”

NECA also developed the Adopt-a-School program to join lower-funded K-12 schools in underprivileged communities with career opportunities in electrical construction. The investment propels a long-term investment into cultivating talent and generating interest in construction through science technology, engineering, and math classes.

“The primary objective of education is to prepare every student to realize their full potential,” said Alana Hyman, NECA director of industry development. As construction work evolves and reshapes its operations, now is the time to help produce a motivated, diverse workforce ready to elevate the industry.

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