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The Help Available to Get Businesses and Individuals Through This Time

Laura Butler


This year has certainly presented some unfamiliar challenges and, to some, a repeat of the past. We were forced to re-evaluate, refocus, and reposition as our leaders, healthcare professionals, and other essential workers fought to provide direction and support, sustain life, and keep us afloat. We were encouraged to update, improve, and learn new ways to advance our businesses, products, and services.

This is our reality and call to action. This too shall pass, but during the process, we must be proactive, and keep our minds engaged and motivated.

Balance is important, so also take the time to rest, be present with your loved ones, build and maintain relationships, relax, and create your list of things to do that will bring about the greatest opportunity for growth. Some of these things we may have neglected or pushed to the bottom of the priority list, but now is your chance to address them. This is not a time to feel demotivated, but rather empowered. Tomorrow is not a guarantee, so work on making today count.

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Finding support

Businesses are having to explore new ways to expand, incorporate technology, and receive financial aid to survive. Efforts are in place, such as the U.S. government’s CARES Act and the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), which, based on what the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) reported in July, approved 4.9 million loans for a total of more than $521 billion.  

Applicants in California received the most money overall, followed by Texas and New York. Businesses in California, Texas, and New York that received loans reported having about 4.1 million, 2.7 million, and 2 million total employees, respectively. The program is said to have approximately $132 billion in funding remaining.  

The private sector is also actively trying to find workable solutions, but there will not be enough funding for everyone, and sadly that will mean businesses and jobs will be lost. We all know that no matter the help being offered, it won’t allow all businesses and individuals to fully recover what they lost.

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Find ways to use your expertise and create assets. Change the mindset of fear-based influences and be creative. Allow your imagination to come alive. Avoid negative people and thoughts, as they will only depress you, and cause you to become overwhelmed and lose focus on what matters now: time. 

When one door closes, windows of opportunity fly open once you remain positive and do your part. There is a vaccine on the horizon! We have to find other ways to thrive.

It is our responsibility to be proactive and adhere to the CDC guidelines, stay home, and practice social distancing to play our part to save lives and our economy. This time calls for a complete reset.

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