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Habitat for Humanity Builds Affordable Homes with Green Technology

Photo: Courtesy of Flipboard on Unsplash

Stretching from San Francisco to across the Golden Gate Bridge in Marin County, stand 38 homes with some of the latest green technology and energy efficiencty features.

Affordable sustainability

Nestled in San Francisco’s Ocean View neighborhood, 28 of these homes are known as Habitat Terrace. The other 10 single-family homes of Mt. Burdell Place are in Novato of Marin County. All of these homes feature rooftop solar panels, ENERGY STAR-rated appliances, tankless water heaters and drought-resistant landscaping. Each home earned a certification of GreenPoint-Rated, the most trusted certification for green homes in California.

The price of each home is equally impressive. Every one of these homes was built by Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco to be affordable. Habitat Greater San Francisco has a unique funding model that is different from any other affordable housing providers. Its zero percent interest and zero down payment model of homeownership has provided local families a chance to build home equity and share in the American Dream. At the time of move-in, a Habitat family’s total housing payment – including mortgage, homeowner’s insurance, property taxes and HOA fees – is capped at 30 percent of their annual income.  


Habitat uses some of the latest advances in green construction technology precisely because they help to keep the overall cost of homeownership low. They also help Habitat homeowners save overtime. The savings from high-energy efficiency and sustainable systems reduce the costs of owning the home in the long-run. For example, the use of solar panels saves families on average approximately $500 a year on their energy bills. Those families who moved into their homes at Habitat Terrace and Mt. Burdell Place this year will soon reap the long-term benefits of their energy-efficient homes.

Beyond green technology, for Habitat, it is ultimately about creating the opportunity for our homeowners to build wealth and equity, strive towards financial goals and ensure generational sustainability over time.

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