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With Smart Appliances, You Can Earn Back Time With Your Family

In today’s world of hustle and bustle, with parents and children always on the run, family time has become limited. Luckily, new technology in appliances can help you manage and schedule that time together with family.

The kitchen is becoming the smart technology hub of the home, rapidly incorporating technology connection and convenience and efficiency. The smart home technology era is still developing, and while an affordable, totally integrated and automated home system has not been developed, it is likely to be available soon. This means homeowners will be able to control every device from their phone, and these devices will be able to communicate with each other to complete tasks.

Here are some of the appliances that are part of this new world of smart technology:

1. Refrigerators

Refrigerators with Wi-Fi and camera technology can help cut down on time spent running back and forth at the store. The ease of ordering food online from the grocery store also lessens the amount of time spent at the grocery store and allows more time for family. 

2. Smokers

Many smokers on the market now allow the home chef the ability to turn on, turn off, and control the temperature of meat from their phone. With this technology, home chefs can slowly smoke/cook meats while away doing other things and not worry about overcooking the food. 

3. Small appliances

Other smaller appliances are making the cooking process faster. InstaPots and Vibe Precision Cookers allow the home chef to get meals cooked quickly, cutting down on the time spent in the kitchen away from the family.

4. Range hoods

Other appliances such as smart range hoods can bring families together even when apart. These ranges have camera and flat screen displays along with guided cooking apps so families can video chat and livestream the cooking progress, all while building family bonds at a physical distance. 

5. Dehydrators

Small and more efficient in-home food dehydrators can turn home-grown food and food storage into less of a chore.   

A lot of the technology is based around making life easier and freeing up time.  This is the case in the kitchen as well.  With these high-tech options, families can free up time and build stronger bonds. 

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