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Unlocking Answers to the Universe’s Biggest Questions

Human genome-illumnia-science-novaseq x series
Human genome-illumnia-science-novaseq x series

Illumina is on a mission to unlock the power of the human genome and impact the world for the greater good.

As of right now, the future of human health has never looked more exciting. Illumina is unveiling its most advanced high throughput sequencing system, the NovaSeq X Series.

Scientists, researchers, and clinicians are invited to dream big — in fact, bigger than ever before. With the NovaSeq X Series, we can expand the possibilities of how far next-generation sequencing can go exponentially.

With a user-centric, highly sustainable experience that’s better for the planet, it’s now possible to get answers to some of the most complex questions in human genomics, answers that were previously unattainable, and, most importantly, ones that could lead to groundbreaking discoveries and insights.

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