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How Business Leaders Can Support Women in the Workplace

Recruiting, promoting, and supporting women in business benefits everyone. Denada Ramnishta, SVP partner and Lender Strategy at Lendio, discusses how businesses can take steps to increase gender diversity.

Denada Ramnishta

SVP Partner and Lender Strategy, Lendio

What is the impact of providing open access and diversity at a company?

When we provide open access and strive to remove bias, diversity naturally increases. But we must remember not to look at diversity as simply a metric for businesses and organizations to achieve. What a diversified workforce brings is immeasurable: a more diverse set of perspectives, ideas, and approaches. The impact of this is an enhanced collective quality of human capital which has bottom-line benefits and beyond.

What should we look for in the upcoming decade regarding strides in female success?

For decades now, it’s been a game of catch-up for women in business, but we’ve gained a lot of ground. In order to further that growth and narrow the existing gender gap, several organizations have rallied around women, forming programs, initiatives, and legislation in support of women in business and leadership.

And while we have made great strides in the right direction, much work remains on the path toward parity. Many organizations are just beginning to tangibly realize the benefits of diversity in the workforce. I believe that in the next decade, we will see more deliberate efforts from organizations to foster diversity and to further capitalize on the organizational and bottom-line benefits which can only come through building more inclusive teams.

What is your best advice for women looking to become a leader in her professional field of choice?

My advice to women is to be vocal. Be vocal about your contributions; be vocal in seeking opportunities to learn; and be vocal in expressing your ambitions and aspirations. Further identify and seek to address the gaps, issues, and areas for change all around you. And most importantly, be proactive about outlining how you can spearhead, lead, or execute a solution.

What is the role that mentorship plays in women finding success in leadership positions?

As a fintech executive, I have experienced firsthand the challenges of leading in a male-dominated industry. But I have also seen women and other underrepresented groups in this industry beginning to find their voices. I believe that mentorship plays a significant role in women finding success in leadership positions in the fintech space and beyond.

I also believe that both men and women need to lean on leaders who are paving and supporting the path to parity. With better alignment and more willingness to collaborate, we can change the equation.

I’ve recently agreed to participate in several programs that I hope will empower more women and men to be part of this positive change. My hope is that we can unite our voices around the idea that diversity is not only fair and just, but it ultimately has bottom-line benefits as it creates an environment of diverse ideas.

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