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What It’s Like As A Woman in Truck Driving

Photo: Courtesy of Star Truck Rentals

By focusing on quality, integrity, diversity and the simple belief that great people bring great results, DriverSource has thrived and is now one of the largest women-owned, commercial truck driver staffing companies in the United States. “We worked very hard to establish our name in the industry,” says Jinan Dalloo, co-founder and CEO of DriverSource. 

Jinan does not feel that being a woman in the transportation industry is different from being a woman in any other industry. However, her place as Co-Owner might be part of the reason why there are so many other women working at DriverSource; in the office, in leadership roles, and out on the road – with equality being a focus. Surrounding herself with other strong women, in this industry, she has ensured that women are treated no different from their male counterparts; while working for DriverSource. “We all work together (men & women) as one cohesive team. No employee is better than any other, regardless of being a man or a woman,” says Jinan.

This women-owned minority company started in 1997 with just one location in Allen Park-MI and expanded into the driver leasing & placement of transportation-related personnel in 2001. DriverSource now has five branch locations across the USA in Detroit-MI, Grand Rapids-MI, Baltimore-MD, Chicago-IL, and Richmond-VA offering services nationwide wherever customers need driver solution services. While continuing company growth and expertise in the driver solutions’ space, DriverSource strives to remain diverse and woman proud.

How long have you been driving professionally?

11 years.

What made you decide to choose a career in transportation? 

I was in financial hardship when the 2008 crisis was going on.  I went through the program that Goodwill Industries had at the time for a new career path. I chose the CDL as the best option to have financial stability and a job that was always in demand.   

Have you faced any unique experiences/challenges, as a woman, in a male dominated industry? 

When I was a rookie, before working for DriverSource I was harassed, bullied, and did not know how to work with men in this field as they had a different mindset.  The work was also more physically demanding than I was previously was used to.

Do you feel you are respected in this industry as a female? 

This industry of trucking isn’t easy. I was lucky to have people around me that wanted me to be successful and I learned quickly that respect is earned and not given! I definitely feel respected now because I worked for it. 

What do you love best about being a professional driver?

The job is in demand and is fast paced. I love to keep the wheels rolling because that is the way money is made.

Would you like to see more women getting into the profession? 

Yes, women are very capable of doing this job. You must have determination and not be afraid of hard work.

Do you have any words of wisdom for other women that are considering driving as a career? 

If you want to do it, you can!  Go to school, get your license, be ready to work hard but it is worth it both financially and extremely satisfying.  

Driving can be a tough job, what keeps you motivated and positive? 

God motivates me and opens my eyes every day!  My family and my kids keep me going. I lead by example for my kids. My financial stability has been achieved by doing this job.

What brought you to DriverSource? 

I was referred to DriverSource by someone I used to work for. I worked for DriverSource initially from 2017 to 2018. I left DriverSource as I had to take some time off. I came back, to DriverSource, in January of this year. I enjoy working with the whole DriverSource team. I like that they promote safety, are always helpful, always advise me wisely and protect her license by making sure I’m staying with the rules of the road & HOS, by the communication that DriverSource continuously sends out. They always make sure to place me and offer me good paying jobs that suit me. I feel like part of the DriverSource family!   

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