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How to Create Gender Inclusive Cultures Within the Technology Industry

Leaders in the tech industry can and should do more to support gender inclusivity in the workplace, and that goes for men as well as women.

Creating and fostering a gender inclusive culture is a business imperative. After all, women coexist with men, play a major role in driving innovation, and understand market opportunities. In fact, women control 51 percent of wealth in the United States and 40 percent globally, and they either directly or indirectly influence up to 80 percent of all purchases. In addition, data shows that public companies that have a diverse management team see a 95 percent higher return on equity.

In short, workplace diversity is a must for companies that are looking to grow and compete in today’s digital era.

So how do you create a gender inclusive culture in the tech industry? 

Change must be driven at the top

CEOs and founders must lead by example and demonstrate that they truly want to build an inclusive culture. They should be an integral part of developing a comprehensive strategy to support a diverse workforce. Make sure they are hiring women on boards and the management team is a mix of diverse professionals.  

Celebrate women in the workplace

Saying you have a diverse culture is not enough. It is critical that you constantly show that you want to support and foster your women employees – from allowing them to attend women’s networking events to regularly spotlighting women and their accomplishments within the organization.

Empower women to create inclusive cultures

Women are often not sure how they will be perceived if they create inclusive teams. Give them clear direction and let them know they are 100 percent responsible for building their team — the more diverse the better. No one should stand alone and there should be no cliques.

Encourage men to hire and mentor women

Male allies play a significant role in helping women move up the ladder. More men should be championing women and developing policies that are pro-women. Men should be part of the conversation and solution when it comes to gender equality in the workplace..

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